Woodland Tribe

Back again at Starry Skies this year, The  Woodland Tribe – a free play and construction area for children and adults of all ages.

Drawing on the brilliant ideas of ‘bauspielplatz’ (build-play-ground) in Germany, this is a woodland area where children can; build the perfect den, co-construct a play structure, swing with the wind in their hair, cook dampers on a smokey fire, howl and shriek in a tree, make sculptures or talk to fairies and woodland spirits.

In an increasingly restrictive world this is a chance for children to play, to do things not usually allowed, to experience and live a free range childhood!

Using hammers, saws, nails, wood and rope and staffed by experts in adventure play, forest skills and playful creativity, over the three days we will design, build and construct a fantastic and totally unique adventure playground.

Adults who want to build and re-live creative memories with their children are welcome, or come and eat campfire soup and simply marvel at the children’s invention and playful industry!

Anything is possible when you’re part of the Woodland Tribe!