Super Science at Starry Skies

Join a group of enthusiastic scientists to discover more about your body and the beginnings of the earth. Have you ever wondered why poo is brown?  How do we see?  What does our blood do? How do rocks become rocks?

The journey from packed lunch to poo

Pack yer lunch, we’re going on a journey through the body! Follow your sandwich down your gob and discover more about food groups, how food is processed by the body and make your very own poo (urghhh gross)! Be aware, your hands WILL get dirty…

Volcanoes Rock!

Come and find out how rocks are made. Use clay to help form a volcano and then we will all see what happens when it erupts! Be prepared to get messy…

Blood and Bones

Discover what your blood is made up of and how it helps you keep colds at bay. Find out some fabulous facts about bones, what they look like and how your body makes them.

What you lookin’ at?

Handle a model of the eye to help understand how we see. Think about how colour makes you feel, learn how colour mixing of light is different to paint-mixing in art class and then make your own kaleidoscope!