Meet the Locals

Meet the local birds from down the way! The owls from the sanctuary at Festival Park in the Ebbw Vale will be paying a visit to our Cwm Cayo Farm.

The Owl Sanctuary at Festival Park, just 20 miles from Usk, was established in 1998 for the rehabilitation and care for injured, abandoned, uncared for wild owls, hawks and falcons. The sanctuary cares for these feathered friends so that they can be released back into the wild, where possible. From Tawny and Harris Hawk to Barn, Screech and Eagle, a whole hoot of owls will make nest at Starry Skies on Friday afternoon. You’ll be able to meet these wise creatures and learn all about them. Find out about native and non-native species, how they live in the local area and how the sanctuary cares for them.

We hope we’ll be able to have a go at owl handling, but hear that this is dependent on the weather and how the owls are feeling on the day! There’ll be plenty of photo opportunities with these beguiling beats on their perches, besides.