Kids Kitchen

Kids Kitchen are back this year with DIY breakfast and snacks!

Picture the scene… It’s EARLY. The campfire chat went on late last night… now you’ve got a toddler using you as a climbing frame in your hot tent. Where is your lie in?!

Although we’d all love a relaxing and quiet start to our mornings, in reality it’s probably not gonna happen, so… Come to Kids Kitchen! Babes, toddlers, kids and their parents can prepare some breakfast snacks and drinks together – and even take some back to the tent for anyone lucky enough not to be on the early shift that day.

Kids Kitchen have been prepping from scratch with mini hands for nearly ten years and they look forward to squidging, mixing, mashing, snipping and chatting – with you.

Expect Super Energy Bars, Choc Dippers, Fruity Balls and maybe a smoothie or two…