For Edition Seven we’ve got the wonderful Niki Powell to help you work up a sweat! Niki runs a series of fitness classes in Bristol which are beloved for the huge dose of fun she brings to each workout.¬†Lucky for us, Niki will be offering two types of sessions, one for adults and one for the whole family.

Adult Fitness Class: HIIT CORE

Working every muscle group and pushing up the heart rate, Niki will lead us in a series of short, high intensity bursts. This HIIT-style training¬†has huge health benefits and floods your body with happy hormones! This is followed by a focus on core and flexibility – offering a truly holistic workout. Stretching out, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Family Fitness Class

Fun fitness for all the family! Using a menagerie of cardio moves, get ready to hop like a rabbit, walk like a bear or gorilla, balance like a flamingo!

Suitable for all, children must be accompanied by an adult to exercise along with them. There’ll be a calm cool down to finish!