Fancy Dress Disco

Ever popular at Starry Skies, the Family Fancy Dress Disco! Returning with a bang for Edition Six, our resident disco DJ will be spinning tunes old and new for you to boogie to.

Just looking at the costumes from Edition Five is getting us giddy with anticipation for what you can come up with in 2018. The theme this year is The Ugly Bug Ball – Time to start crafting those costumes, campers! We want to see you scuttling, wiggling, sliming and climbing all over that Starry Skies dance floor this August!

(*Disclaimer – all bugs are beautiful, obviously)

Come on let’s crawl! Gotta crawl, gotta crawl..
To the ugly bug ball, to the ball, to the ball
And a happy time we’ll have there, one and all
At the ugly bug ball!
While the crickets clicked their tricky melodies
All the ants were fancy-dancing with the fleas
Then up from under the ground
The worms came squirming around
Oh they danced until there legs were nearly lame
Every little crawling creature you could name
Everyone was glad, What a time they had
They were so happy they came!