Cecilia Ndhlovu

Cecilia was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and has made music and the bonds it creates between people a cornerstone of her life since she was a child. Having performed on stages all over the world, Cecilia has made the UK her home for the last twenty years.

Accompanied by delicate mbira melodies and hypnotic rhythms, Cecilia’s intimate vocals have the power to transcend styles and will transport you on a unique and enriching communal journey.

She learned to dance at school where because of her natural talent she was known as magida omncane or ‘little dancer’. When she was 16 she joined the national dance troupe Black Umfolosi and several years later she began to sing, dance and tour the world with one of Zimbabwe’s biggest stars, Oliver Mtukudzi. She worked with Oliver for 6 years and recorded 5 albums before moving to the UK.

This is set to be a really beautiful, special performance – don’t miss it!