Bones, Bacteria & Bottoms

Fun and Fabulous Science; Bones, Bacteria & bottoms

Join three women scientists on an adventure through the body. Have you ever wondered why poo is brown? Do human bones look like animal bones? Why do X-ray’s show my bones? And WHY do I need to brush my teeth?

If you are between 6 and 10 come along and find out the answers to these questions by taking part in these awesome interactive sessions looking inside your own body.

Bones – Become an anatomist for the day

Handle actual animal bones and feel like a real life anatomist! Learn just how similar we are to animals on the inside and make life size skeletons of your own using x-ray pictures.

Bacteria – The microscopic world inside your mouth

Roll up roll up and make your own bacteria. Join in with this interactive session making giant models of bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. Come and take a closer look inside your mouth and find out why you really need to brush your teeth. Disclosure tablets, a giant toothbrush and a huge mouth will be at hand to help.

Bottoms – The journey from packed lunch to poo

Take your packed lunch into a journey through the body, discover more about food groups, how food is processed by the body and make your very own poo (urghhh gross)! Be aware, your hands WILL get dirty…