At Starry Skies, we promise to provide a jam-packed programme of activities, adventures, workshops and silliness that…

  1. Encourages both children and adults to appreciate and develop a connection to the natural world.
  2. Utilises creative techniques and practices that bring learning to life in a fun, interactive and practical manner.
  3. Helps children develop self resilience and confidence in their own abilities and approach to problem solving.
  4. Brings people together, regardless of age or background
  5. Encourages a sense of community and togetherness through art, craft and performance.

We aim to make Starry Skies a truly affordable UK family holiday. With this in mind, 99% of activities onsite are free of charge. If you do want to spoil yourself, however, there are extras available such as massage therapies and glamping options. It is a holiday after all! See each activities page for more information.

Please remember that we cannot accept responsibility for your children. We expect you or your friends to supervise them at all times (see our full Personal Safety Policy HERE). Some activities are limited in group numbers so you may not always be guaranteed access to the workshops first time, but there’s so much on offer that you’ll always find something fun to get stuck into!

Explore what we had up our sleeves for Edition Eight below, and hope to bring to the farm in 2021!

Let’s Play!

Make a den. Hang upside down. Paint something. Build something. Get delightful mucky. Click through to see what was on at Edition Seven!

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From craft beer tasting to deep tissue massages – this is a holiday after all! Click through to see what was on at Edition …

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Activities and workshops for all of our campers – from the very smallest to the very tallest. Click through to see what was on …

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Party Time

When it’s time to shake those tail feathers… Click through to see what was on at Edition Seven!

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