Firstly, apologies if we’ve been a little quiet of late. As many of you have pointed out, tickets are normally on sale by now – so thank you for your patience with us. Rather than resting on our laurels, we’ve actually been working very hard on our plans for 2018 which we’ve had to keep under our hats until now…

We’re really excited to announce that Starry Skies 2018 will be happening… in a beautiful new location!┬áThe new site is a family farm, close to the lovely Welsh village of Usk. We are super excited to share our fantastic new home with you and we’re hoping that you’ll bring your brilliant selves along to put the Starry stamp on the land. Expect beautiful rolling hills, an Iron Age fort, glorious parkland, plenty of space to roam and even a barn or two thrown into the mix! We think it’ll be a great place to grow, explore and enhance the Starry Skies community that you have all helped to build, these past five years.

Edition Six dates are 8th – 12th August 2018 and tickets go on sale at 7pm on Friday 8th December. In the meantime, round up your tribe and relive all the fun from last year with the Starry Skies Edition Five Film!

Thanks again for your patience and support – we’re excited to get things moving!

Love, the Starry Skies team x