Do you want more than a conventional camping holiday?

Does going to festivals with your kids feel like too much hard work where everyone who doesn’t have kids seems to be having more fun then you are?

If the answer is yes then Starry Skies could be the perfect holiday for your family this summer. Our mission is to create the perfect family camping holiday: affordable, set in a beautiful location with great facilities and enough activities to keep your kids busy so you can have some “me time”.

Produced by the award-winning events team behind Shambala Festival, Starry Skies is a new concept in holidaying, striving to make camping a pleasure for families. Starry Skies offers way more than normal campsites by including great live entertainment throughout the day (and after the kids have gone to bed), an award-winning restaurant, a bar selling everything from real ales to cocktails and a Pampering Parlour to make sure you get the TLC you need on holiday.

Starry Skies is about spending quality time with your family, your friends and nature. It’s about fresh air, forest, rivers and meadows. It’s about being wrapped up snugly with a drink in hand around a camp-fire. It’s about sharing good times in the great outdoors with friends old and new. It’s about your children roaming free, getting dirty and you not minding, letting them take well-calculated risks. It’s about trees to be climbed, bugs to be found, and streams to be crossed.

Each camp is extremely limited in numbers so that it stays intimate and friendly.