Dearest campers,

It’s time to deliver the sad news that most of you will have been expecting. We will not be able to proceed with Starry Skies Edition Eight this August. 

We’ve held on for as long as we can – Starry Skies is after all a tiny event, outdoors with oodles of space but at the end of the day, a socially distant Starry Skies is not the event we want to deliver. 

Starry Skies is about nature and having fun in the great outdoors, but it’s also about connection. We want your kids to be able to hug their new friends. We want shoulder rides and pile-ons. We want to bundle up together to sing our campfire songs, to raise our glasses together in the barn and to share food, laughter and silliness without keeping 2 metres apart.

Our tiny team is truly heartbroken to have to cancel – seeing all your lovely faces on the farm is the highlight of our Summer. But your safety, the safety of our crew, our artists and our workshop leaders is paramount. 

What does this mean for us? Well, as an absolutely tiny and fully independent event, it leaves us in a bit of a tight spot – but we will recover. 

We have confirmed the dates for Starry Skies 2021 as Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th August. If you are able to support Starry Skies and roll your tickets over for 2021 rather than claiming a refund, it would really, really make a difference. 

We will be sending an email to all ticket buyers today outlining the process and next steps.

We’re really, really going to miss you this Summer. Stay safe, stay silly and we hope to see you all round the campfire in 2021.

So much love,

Starry HQ. x