It feels very strange indeed not to have headed Welsh-wards with you all for 4 days of community, connection and free-roaming.

Our tiny team is so gutted that this year couldn’t happen. Gutted that we couldn’t be out there grubby toes and grinning with you all on Cwm Cayo farm.

There are so many parts to the Starry Skies jigsaw, not least you campers. As a place ‘where the kids roam free’ we gain so much from it too. From times away from screens to the simple joy of a campfire in good company, we’ve collated our crew’s favourite moments, memories and what could’ves to share with you.

Hopefully it’ll jog your own rememberings of Skies Skies past…

Becka, Comms Queen and Word Merchant

The very first time I saw the Woodland Tribe – back in 2016 I think – it was like stepping into the Lost Boys hideaway in Peter Pan. Joyful kids, hammers in hand, scaling trees and building their own world. I remember just feeling really jealous that the Woodland Tribe didn’t exist when I was a kid!

Abi, Creative Production and Content Whiz

Edition Eight would have been my very first Starry Skies EVER! I was so looking forward to seeing happy smiley faces running amok in our lovely site. I was particularly excited about gathering everyone together at Neptunes Bottom for the Lost Worlds Parade to the Lost Worlds Disco on Saturday and seeing everyone’s fantastic costumes. I’m expecting all campers’ costumes will be extra special and silly with all the time we’ve got work on them for 2021. I’ll be having some hot chocolate and marshmallows around the campfire this summer to remind me of the Starry Skies magic that awaits us in 2021.

Sarah, Our Big Sister Shambala Festival’s Production Manager

✨ I’m going to miss them running around making friends with the other kids camped around us, tearing in and out of each other’s tents, holding hands and exploring together.

✨ I’m going to miss seeing the excitement and sheer joy register on my daughter’s face as she wakes up and remembers where we are! – Every day as soon as she woke up she was so excited to get outside and see if anyone else was awake, then she’d remember there was all the cool activities up on the green and so we’d be up there by 6:30am (yawn) heading towards the café to get a well earned cup of tea and a session at the sand pit. The kids were bursting at the seams for all the activities to start each day.

✨ I’m going to miss meeting the other parents and families. I’m going to miss everyone sitting, toasting marshmallows and singing around the campfire.

✨ One of my favourite events was the glow in the dark procession and hula-hooping that went on at the Green one night. It looked fab and the kids LOVED it.

Sid, Creative Director and Starry Skies inventor!

✨ I loved the night when the whole of the activity field was full of people hula hooping with Midnight Playground. It looked like a magical firefly gathering.

✨ I was so looking forward to the campfire sing-a-longs in the evening. Definitely one of my annual highlights. 

✨ The sense of freedom that my children get at Starry Skies is amazing and builds up their confidence massively.

Kate, Social media mouse

On my first Starry Skies I remember the site coming together, and just being struck at what an amazing little community it had around it to make the magic happen – with genuinely the most lovely crew kids there are around. I won’t talk about the time I forgot to put the buggy brakes on during a build…