Read about our exciting new opportunity to shape your own Starry Skies experience and tap into our incredible community spirit.

Over the past 7 years Starry Skies has grown into an incredible community of like-minded kids, grown-ups and not-so-grown-ups. Our Starry Skies crew and our campers are all instrumental in making the relaxed, creative spirit of our family festival.

As one parent put it, it’s a home where “you really can let your kids roam free. I’ve never spent so much time with so many genuine, friendly, helpful and caring people in one place at the same time!”

Starry Skies Community & Ethos

For a small event we punch above our weight, meaning our campers can reap the benefits of a packed programme set against stunning surrounds. This has only ever been possible thanks to the enthusiasm, creativity and contributions from our loyal and ever-growing community. The kindness and willing of our campers over the years really reflects and enables our creative, sustainable and community-focused festival-family-camp hybrid. We know more than most that it really does take a village to raise a child!

Contribute creatively to camp life

For Edition Eight we are welcoming proposals to contribute to our programme from campers already coming. So parents, we’re all ears for ideas of how you might want to get stuck in in shaping what goes on on our farm!

Whether you’ve got a hidden talent under your sleeve, knowledge to inspire all ages, or an unusual hobby you’d like to share, we want to hear from you. Campers who would like to contribute with a performance, host a workshop or hold a talk are encouraged to let us know, and help us shape a programme around our own community.

From the ground up, we want to open the opportunity for a portion of our programme to be home grown, tapping into the intergenerational talents of our camp to create a space of sharing.

Fill in the form HERE if you wish to contribute creatively. The application will include a section for you to provide some detail to your idea and flesh it out. We welcome parent-to-parent ideas, things for everybody and ideas directed to teens or other specific age groups.

Please note: our Starry Skies In Their Eyes talent show will still be going ahead. This is the best spot for the little ones to share their talents, a song, poem or dance. We’ll be waiting, as ever, to be bowled over!