Black History Month allows us to properly celebrate some incredible Black people who have fought for a more equal, kinder world. It reminds us to raise up BIPOC innovators, educators, leaders, entertainers and rebels throughout history.

As James Baldwin once said, “history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.” History is part of telling our human story. That’s why it’s so important that we’re not lazy and make sure we’re getting the facts from a diverse range of people. This way we can get a fuller picture of what we’ve come from. If we know our human history we might be in a better position to understand how it influences the now. This way we can be more understanding, kinder and also work to stop the bad bits repeating themselves.

Let’s use this month, and beyond, to have important conversations with our friends, other parents and our kids, whatever their age.

Teaching Tolerance One World Posters

We’ve compiled some kid-friendly resources to pick up where school sometimes leaves off, beyond the month of October. Check them out below…

✨ These lists from Waterstones and Green Parent include some brilliant children’s books by Black authors. We love the look of the Little Leaders series and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls too! Look out for these titles in your local library or ask the school librarian.

Tip: We loved catching AMYRA at our big sister event Shambala. Aside from being an activist, musician AND a poet, she also writes children's books! Freedom, We Sing is an inspiring and hopeful picture book about what it means to be free. 

“Ten Black history events that should be taught to every pupil” Find out about Renaissance Black Britons, a more diverse account of Roman Britain and our own Black Panther movement!

Newsround and Cbeebies have a collection of great videos on what Black History Month is and the surrounding issues of why we need one. Alt History’s Black to Life is well worth a watch with slightly older kids. As always the Horrible Histories content is smashing!

The Black Curriculum are reimagining the future of education through Black British History. Their mission is to embed Black British history into our national curriculum beyond just October. They have learning resources for different Key Stages.

✨ If podcasts are your bread and butter, Code Switch has a Spotify playlist of their child-friendly episodes. These podcasts are created to inspire conversation with slightly older kids about issues of race and social justice. Book Club for Kids is a great podcast where kids can talk about fiction that’s full of diverse protagonists.

We’d also really recommend having a nosey at Woodland Tribe’s Anti-Racism Resources which has brilliant links for parents and teachers (and both!).

Teaching Tolerance One World Posters