We’re constantly hearing in the media that an over protective society means we’re raising a generation of children who have never scraped their knee, climbed a tree, or made a mud pie!

Not so at Starry Skies!

This is a place for risky play, for adventure, for learning that creepy crawlies really aren’t all that creepy. We think that grass stained clothes, dirty hands and twigs tangled in your hair are a medal of a day well spent and should be worn with pride.

In the words of the-nation’s-unofficial-grandad, Sir David Attenborough, ‘Contact with nature should not be the preserve of the privileged. It is critical to the personal development of our children.’

We’ll provide the stunning woodland and meadow setting in the Brecon Beacons and a range of hands on outdoor activities from forest schools to bush crafts and farm tours to stargazing. You provide the rosy cheeked adventurers with fire in their bellies and adventure in their hearts. Let’s get wild!