If you follow and adhere to the Scouts’ motto, “Be Prepared”,  then you’ll find that camping with kids can be brilliant!

Most of you are probably seasoned pros when it comes to living in the great outdoors but for any camping novices, here’s some useful info to help you on your way:


Obviously it goes without saying there are a few VERY essential items for camping. These include: a good tent; sleeping bags; sleeping mats and a camping stove. 


It’s important to consider a few things if you find that tent from years ago has gone walkabouts from the loft. While we don’t encourage mega-tents on our intimate campsite do make sure it’s ‘berth’ fits the appropriate number of humans in it – your tent has to be big enough for the family and for all the paraphernalia too. It’s important to make sure you have a groundsheet to match (lots of tents have this ready sewn in). It’s always worth having a practice putting up a new tent, to gauge the complexity of pitching up and packing down!

You’re welcome to bring along an awning or small gazebo for your camp too, if you can fit it in the car! 

Sleeping bags and mats

As for sleeping bags and mats, a trip to your local outdoor shop will save you winks as you won’t be freezing in the chilly night temperatures. Even in summer it’s worth having at least a two-seasons sleeping bag to stay toasty. Mats are vital for ensuring a comfy night under canvas, providing insulation underneath you. 

Camping Stove

There’s nothing quite like starting your day in the great outdoors with a warming mug of tea and a sausage or bacon butty. As such you’ll need a small camping stove to cook up a warming brekkie for the family and thankfully there are some good lightweight options available. 

For recipe ideas, take a look at camping recipes.

And don’t forget that we will have a delicious array of food available from our wonderful traders onsite, housed in and around our food market barn! 

Some important things to pack:

🌟Fire wok/brazier – after coming along to our camp fire songs session you can carry on the singalong where you’ve pitched up!

🌟Swimming costumes and towels – essential for our yearly water slide (lovingly constructed out of plenty of tarp and lots of Ecover).

🌟Plenty of warm clothes and some old clothes – you’ll need togs to keep you warm and dry, especially when hunkering down for campfire sessions and story time! 

🌟Mobile phone charger – bring your labelled charger to give your techy bits some juice. The charging station is run on a donation basis, raising funds for the incredible Flying Seagull Project. 

🌟Torches and lamps – while our festoon lighting will show you the way, it’s important that everyone has a torch handy for navigating those guy ropes and so the kids can find their way back from our evening gigs. Previous years have seen the likes of Rachael Dadd, Mad Dog McCrea  and Honeyfeet perform in our barn! 

Camping checklist:

As well as the major pieces of equipment and bedding it’s worth remembering all the other bits and bobs successful outdoor living requires…


Reusable water bottles

For environmental reasons, we don’t sell nasty disposable plastic bottles on site at Starry Skies, so don’t forget to BRING A BOTTLE – find out more (and why!) here.

Please bring a reusable eco-coffee cup too, for hot drinks.

Last but certainly not least… FANCY DRESS DISCO COSTUMES

The theme for Edition Seven was FAIRY TALES AND NURSERY RHYMES. Keep an eye out in the new year when we take the vote to you the people on Edition Eight’s theme!