For Edition Six, we will once again be putting together a whole host of activities to participate in, whatever the weather! Forest school for all ages, drama, dance, fancy dress and Family Sports Day are just a few of those on offer. We hope you don’t forget to relax and do absolutely nothing though – remember you are on holiday, it’s okay to stay in your pyjamas all day if you want to!

Stuff for Kids

What your kids should definitely be doing at Starry Skies this summer:

  • Going feral (and you not minding!)
  • Making loads of new friends
  • Learning new skills like baking bread or hunting for insects.
  • Rolling down a big hill until they get dizzy.
  • Sleeping like logs after all the fresh air
  • Showing off grubby knees from so many outdoor adventures

Please remember that we cannot accept responsibility for your children and we expect you or your friends to supervise them at all times.

Stuff For Grown-ups

Overworked, underappreciated and underpaid…. If these words resonate with you then you definitely need some love! We want Starry Skies to be the place that parents finally get some ‘me-time’; time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Or even better do nothing, pour yourself a drink, close the zip of your tent and get stuck into that book that’s been gathering dust on your bedside table.