We kindly ask you to follow a few rules to help us keep everyone safe and happy:


The Estate is allowing us to have fires in the campsites but there are some restrictions:

• Fires must be off the ground (i.e. in a fire-wok)

• Fires must be 2m from any tent and 3m from any vehicle

• Fires must be attended at all times and kept well away from gas canisters and cookers

• Crew members will put out any fires, which are not off the ground

Firewood will be available onsite, the firewood is sustainably harvested from the Estate with profits going towards managing the Estate’s woodland. Please do not scavenge wood from surrounding areas as they form habitats. Please make note of the fire points and return used gas canisters from camping stoves to Public Information for disposal and recycling.

No kite flying

Due to low lying cables, the sale and use of kites, balloons and other aerial items is prohibited on site.


Please do not bring glass bottles to the campsite. Decant liquid into plastic before you arrive. This is a family event so there’ll be lots of tiny bare-feet running around everywhere!

You’re welcome to bring a personal stash of alcohol to the event but you won’t be able to bring booze into the entertainment areas where there are licensed bars. This is a condition of our licensing for the event.

Sound Systems

No sound systems, amplified music, ghetto blasters etc. are allowed in the camping areas. You can of course bring your acoustic instruments such as guitars for your campfire sing-alongs.

Please respect your fellow campers and make sure everyone can sleep when they want to, even if they snore heavily throughout the night!

Dogs, Cats & Any Other Pets

Sorry but the landowners will not allow us to have any dogs on site, please check the local area for kennel services.

Chinese Lanterns

No Chinese fire lanterns are allowed on site as they pose a significant fire risk.

Delve deeper into our Site Safety Policy HERE.