Starry Skies is a family festival that takes place on a farm. For Starry Skies the animals that usually live on the farm are taken elsewhere, although you may see some cows in the neighbouring fields. Starry Skies is a mix of a festival and family camping holiday. This means everyone will be camping in tents or campervans and be able to enjoy workshops, activities and music with up to 500 other families of all shapes and sizes.


You can come to Starry Skies by car, or by train. Most people arrive by car. There will be lots of other people arriving at the same time as you so you might have to wait in a traffic jam. When you arrive there will be people in brightly coloured jackets called stewards who will point the way. At the festival entrance a steward will ask you for your ticket code and will put a colourful wristband on you. The wristband is to show the people who work at the festival that you have paid for a ticket so you will need to keep it on all weekend, you can even shower with it on! There will be some stewards at the car park who will help take your heaviest luggage to a drop off point in the festival. You can then meet your luggage there and walk a short distance to where you will be camping.


Starry Skies opens on Wednesday and most families go home on Sunday. There are two camping fields for tents and one for families in campervans. You might also notice crew camping areas, which is where the people working at the festival will sleep. The tent campsites are called Saturn, Neptune and Mars and the campervan site is called Jupiter. Each campsite have washing sinks, showers, toilets and water taps.


You will either need to bring some food with you and a stove to cook on, or you can buy freshly cooked food at the festival. There are lots of food stalls to buy from and they are all in the ‘Food Market’ at the back of the barn. The Food Market can get quite busy during meal times. At the bar in the Barn you can get drinks if you are thirsty. There are also free water points, although you will need to bring your own bottle.


There are different tents with different activities inside at Starry Skies. Starry Skies has one music stage in the Barn where there is live music. This can be quite loud, especially during the Family Rave and Fancy Dress Disco.

Around Centre Camp there are different tents and marquees of different sizes. For example there is Bigtopmania which is a circus tent where you can see circus acts and learn some circus skills. This is a big red and yellow tent, which means the lighting in the inside can look red.

There is also the Arty Farty tent where lots of arts activities take place. It can get quite messy in Arty Farty as there are lots of arts materials and lots of people making things. There is a Bub Hub tent for toddlers and babies. This is a quiet space especially for little children. Some places are very busy and noisy and others are quiet and relaxing.

There is also a big wood area called Iron Fort Woods. There are lots of activities happening here for all ages, all based in being outdoors and in nature. Woodland Tribe is where you can build your own adventure playground with hammers and saws. It can get very noisy with all the hammering here.

Starry Skies can change a bit in the evening as the firepit is lit and music starts. At this time lots of people might go to the Barn to enjoy the music and dance. Some of the music will be relaxing and some will be high energy and loud. The music stops at midnight, so everyone can go to bed and get a good nights sleep. If you want to go to sleep before this you may hear the music coming from the Barn from your campsite.


There are lots of people working at Starry Skies and they are all are there to help you if you are lost, anxious or unwell. You can go to the Info Point if you have a question or the Medical Tent if you feel unwell. If you are unsure about where to go, there are stewards in bright jackets all over the place who can help you or take you to the right place.


At the end of the festival everyone packs up their things and heads home. You must leave the festival by midday on Sunday so that the people working at the festival can tidy up the festival site. Because everyone leaves on Sunday there are often traffic jams. Please remember to tidy up your rubbish so we can leave the farm as we found it, and the animals can return to a tidy, litter-free field.


1.    As soon as your tent is up explore the festival site so that you know where the Medical Tent, Info Tent and Lost Kids are.

2.   Organise a meeting point with your friends and family in case you get lost. Pick somewhere that is easy to find.

3.   If you don’t like loud or sudden noises bring some headphones with you.