About the site

Most of the camping space is fairly flat and easily accessible in good weather. In wet and muddy weather it might be the case that some people have problems with wheelchairs (particularly powered chairs). We will of course do our best to keep everyone moving, but please do be aware that this is an open air event in a grassy field and we cannot guarantee the ground conditions.

There is a hardcore track that allows for access to the campsite, please bear in mind that the site is a working farm and once you have left the track it is in essence a meadow and so we unfortunately cannot guarantee how flat or dry it will be. Starry Skies does have some wheelbarrows to help move gear from the parking areas, these must be returned once you’re done to allow others to use them. There will be access to disabled toilets and showers on site.


We offer a free ‘PA ticket’ for a Personal Assistant if your child receives Middle or Higher Rate DLA and would not be able to come to the festival without assistance.

You will need to call The Ticket Sellers on 0844 870 0000/(0)121 472 6688 and provide proof of DLA or PIP support to get this ticket. For clarification of eligibility for free PA tickets please speak to The Ticket Sellers.


Please direct any ticket related queries directly to our ticket agents (The Ticket Sellers) info@theticketsellers.co.uk or call them on 0844 870 0000 (24hrs) or (0)121 472 6688.

Please email us at: info(at)starry-skies.net to discuss any individual accessibility requirements you may have.


The above information is written with visitors in mind, but also applies to all members of the Starry Skies crew, traders and any artists performing at the festival. If you are a member of one of these groups and feel you have special requirements, please email us at: info(at)starry-skies.net