Well over a decade ago, a motley collection of dreamers, thinkers, artists, radicals and romanticists decided to get together under the stars over a summer weekend. We wanted to make a place to party, free our minds, lose our hearts, learn, discuss and be inspired and see what is achievable as a community.

Shambala Festival is a space to play, to reinvent, revitalise and then to return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive. It’s a playground, a realm for wild experimentation and alternative education where unforgettable life skills are shared, learned and put to use.

We see Shambala as so much more than just a monumental party. It’s a haven, a think-tank and a happening all infused with a heartfelt, purposeful hedonism. So, let’s revel in being human, in all the things we do so well- the euphoric heights to tangible solutions- and see how much we really can do together.

Shambala Festival takes place from August 23rd to August 27th at a secret location in Northamptonshire. For tickets and more info visit